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Dhanwantari Arts and Science College Dhawalpuri

Affiliated To Savitribai Phule Pune University
Cinque Terre
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Dr. Saeed Ahmed Kazi the founder of Alfa Social and Educational Foundation formerly working as a doctor in a Sutarwadi at Dhawalpuri village of Parner tehsil in 1996. He felt sorry for the indecision of the people's regarding education. Therefore, he started the primary ashram school in 1996 for children's education only four children have taken admission.

He Meet every parent and convened them about the importance of education. In this area, the shepherds and tribal communities were much more and they had no interest in education. Among them, doctor made a passion for education and started Secondary Ashram School in 2004 for them. Later, in 2008 started the higher Secondary School in same village for further education.

The parents here were very depressed about girls' education. The people of this village got girls married at an early age. Similarly, girls were not sent to other places for further education.
Even though there was a desire for education the boys and girls could not be educated. By studying this situation, he decided to make available higher education for them. He started college in tribal village like Dhawalpuri in 2012, by joining his ashram school. His objective was that the education should be reached in the grassroot society. For this purpose, he has started Dhawantry Arts & Science College in the tribal village like Dhawalpuri.


To educate the underprivileged section of the young society by providing equal opportunities in socio-economic, cultural and global employment market through quality education.


  • To develop the personality of students to cope with global standards through education.
  • To develop the skills which are available in the students to cope with unemployment to contribute in National development.
  • To make the student eco technique by providing ICT knowledge in digital era.
  • To organize extension activities for community development focusing on civic responsibilities, social awareness, and holistic personality development and responsible citizenry.
  • To inculcate good moral values among students required for social commitment and national integration



alt text Dear Parents and Learners, It is my pride privilege to speak to you as a Chairman of Alfa Social and Educational Foundation`s Dhanwantary Arts and Science College Dhawalpuri, Tal -Parner, Dist– Ahmednagar as family. I established this college to educate the underprivileged section of the young society by providing equal opportunities in socio-economic, cultural and global employment market through quality education. This institute is known for the moral values, ethics and contributing a lot for the overall upliftment of the society. The college is committed to impart quality education especially to socially, economically backward classes and Nomadic tribes from rural areas and to conduct diversified extracurricular activities to promote all-round growth of students to enable them to make meaningful contribution to career and community development I, being the President welcome you to be a member of this institute. Best of luck for all your future endeavour.

... Dr. Saeed Ahmed Kazi


alt text Good morning one and all, I am very happy and proud for I belong to you all. To be a successful, one must have three things i. e. clarity in mind purity in the heart and punctuality at work. Focus the thing that you want, cent percent you will get it. Presently working as principal Alfa social educational foundation’s Dhawalpuri Tal-Parner Dist -Ahmednagar. I have research experience more than one decade. I published and edited many books. Presented papers at national and international level and be a recourse person for many National and International conferences. Has many publications in my account and guided students at U.G. and P.G. level. I am recognized Ph.D. Guide and received patent for “Formulation of an antioxidant and nutrient rich soya based food products to combat malnutrition and dreaded deceases”. Lambert Publishing Company German published Reference Book on Therapies of soya bean to overcome malnutrition. I am Assessor of National Assessment and Accreditation Council Bangalore.

... Dr. Nalini Sahebrao Ghatge

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